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Tyrepower Geelong isn’t just a tyre store. Our workshop is trained to handle all your automotive glass needs. We can replace cracked, chipped and scratched windscreens.

Windscreen damage

Windscreens aren’t just to stop wind and rain affecting you while you drive, with modern vehicles using the windscreen as an important structural component, providing extra stiffness to the passenger compartment.

A damaged windscreen loses a significant amount of strength, which is why you should have any damage inspected by the team at Tyrepower Geelong.

Tempered safety glass

All glass used in modern automotive applications is tempered safety glass. With windscreens being laminated with layers of plastic.

You can easily tell tempered safety glass by the patterns on it when you look at the window through a pair of polarised sunglasses.

Recalibrating safety systems

Many modern vehicles have features such as automatic braking, hazard detection, automatic windscreen wipers and lane-keep assist. These features often rely on sensors built into the windscreen of your vehicle and need to be recalibrated.

Don’t forget your wipers!

A new windscreen will only be clean and streak-free if you look after it.

Most of the time, a streaky windscreen can be due to old wiper blades or a build up of road grime on the windscreen.

It’s a great time to replace your wipers when you have a windscreen replaced by Tyrepower Geelong. Contact us today to get your vehicle inspected and your windscreen issues resolved.

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